Why Business Coaching?

Do you have big plans for your business?

Why should a business owner consider business coaching?


1You are already good at what you do, but recognise that it’s going to take some help to become outstanding!

A business coach will find the outstanding within you and your business. You require a top coach to help you, but also hold you accountable, demand the results, push and cajole you, but very importantly congratulate you on every achievement you gain within your business. It can be a lonely world in business, and we all need congratulating when we succeed.

2You feel that you work for your business and it doesn’t work for you!

You are ready to start taking control of your time and the hours you put into your business, and maximising the return on those hours you contribute. This is a perfect time to consider business coaching.



3You cannot generate the profit levels to justify the time you spend running your business

To continue what you have always done, just means you continue to get the same results as you always have. A business coach will challenge this notion, and help you to drive the innovation needed within your business model. This of course means embracing some changes, even stepping outside of your comfort zone – the very same comfort zone that may have been holding you back for a long time.

4Your belief is that your business will suffer consequences if you take time off to enjoy the fruits of your hard labour

Unfortunately you are actually therefore an employee in your business, and the next stage in your personal growth is to embrace the changes you need to make to give you the freedom to enjoy those fruits. Yes this can mean bringing new and talented people to do the work for you, and initially creating the plan to help you get to this point. A business coach will help you with these plans, and work with you to become a business owner rather than an employee of your own business.



5You have fallen out of love with your business - Do you sometimes think life would be simpler without all the hassle?

This is all too common, and the business opportunity you fell in love with at the very beginning has faded into a distant memory. A business coach will help you to reignite that passion you originally had, and create the momentum and excitement needed to succeed in your chosen subject.

6You have gained a vast amount of experience, however you haven’t really invested in yourself in years

Sending your staff on training courses is a very positive move for businesses, but business owners often overlook their own needs. Your business coach will work with you to build and improve your own skills and help you perform and continually develop as a business owner. Not only will the business coach help you to achieve measurable ROI in your business, but also help you to achieve and measure your own performance within your business.



7You have lost sight of where your business is going, and need help to find the answers

Being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or wood from the trees (to coin a few well know sayings) is something a business coach as an outsider can see all to well. A business coach has no preconceptions about your business or any affiliation with previous ways of doing things. Asking you some difficult questions is the remit of a business coach, and recognising any avoidance in taking the necessary action will very honestly be stated. A business coach wants you to take the difficult decisions, and make that difference in your business.