What Is Coaching?

It doesn’t matter what business sector you trade in, coaching is about the person and the businesses potential.

Business coaching is very similar in nature to coaching a professional athlete. A coach will push an athlete to achieve at the very highest level, exploring all possibilities, tried and tested or new and innovative techniques.


What are the key roles of a business coach?

  • A coach will also provide the necessary support when the athlete most needs it, and in difficult periods provide insight on how to prioritise and find resolutions.
  • A coach will also be looking for the unique qualities of the athlete, what they excel at and where improvements can be made that can take their performance above and beyond their competitors.
  • A sports coach will always be honest with an athlete, and through honesty the athlete gains the respect of the coach, and relates to what the coach is doing to help them achieve their goals.
  • Importantly a coach will push an athlete further than they would themselves, creating peak performance in their discipline.

This is familiar ground for a business coach, mentor or advisor. The role takes on many names and disguises and the name mentor is used commonly in the world of large business. A business mentor is very often the back-bone to many a successful and sometimes high profile business owner that we all know well, and find inspiration with.

So, what can seem a rather strange word to use in a business environment, actually has some very obvious correlation with the successes and achievements of the sporting world. Ultimately, a business coach is there to help the business owner perform to their potential, and surpass what the business owner thought they could or would achieve in their career.


Why should a business owner consider business coaching?

If you take the analogy of a sports coach and the relationship between the professional athlete and the coach, it perfectly highlights the need to fill the voids and find the opportunities within the business model. This could be the optimisation of systems, processes, marketing, sales, training, or even something as simple but sometimes daunting as managing the cash-flow in the business to provide the financial clout for future growth.

We are obsessed with learning

The very nature of a business owner, and something that sets us apart, is our desire to continually learn and seek new ideas. We are a tenacious beast and the empowerment of knowledge and humility in seeking advice when we need it is the exact epitomy of an entrepreneurial mindset.

The people we help as business coaches are those that look to become increasingly entrepreneurial within their trade and want to have the vision to be able to see the end game.

bus-achievementsRecognising your business achievements

Mentoring of this nature is a partnership in many ways. A business coach of experience will always respect the achievements of a business owner. A good trading history in any business sector is to be admired, and sometimes the owner of a business will actually dismiss their successes, where a coach will immediately recognise this in getting to know the history of the business. This can sometimes be a real confidence booster when the owner realises, actually we have achieved a great deal, but we now need the help to go to the next level.

It happens so often that a business gets to a level, normally around the 0.5 to 1 million turnover (although this is generalising), but cannot see how to grow the business further. I have lost count of how many industry colleagues have picked up and voiced this phenomenon. I can only relate this to the fact a business of this size becomes a great deal more complex, and to find time to step away and analyse future growth is beyond the mental capacity of most business owners at that time. Buried deep is the knowledge and understanding of how to grow, but the constraints on our time doesn’t allow us to analyse this. Business coaching helps the business owner to prioritise their time, and find the clarification for future growth.