Why do some buy from you when others don’t? Why should they? Start with why…

Part of being a coach and mentor is my own self-improvement, and was recently very lucky to be personally mentored by Dr Marshall Goldsmith recently. Marshall is the high acclaimed author and mentor to Blue Chip CEO’s.

Travelling throughout the region between client visits provides me with valuable time to further educate myself, listening to and learning from some of the most acclaimed business orators and authors, and one such book from Simon Sinek is proving to be a fascinating listen – yes it’s an audio book from the Amazon library.

Simon Sinek is not only a fabulous orator, he is also a master at changing perceptions and honing business mind-set. His inspirational book, ‘Start with why’ looks at the reasons why through historical events, companies and the individuals involved have created hugely successful world changing outcomes from their hard work and endeavours, and provides fabulous insight in the reasons ‘why’ they succeeded. This mentality can be associated with the success around any business, or indeed any individual.

So why do your customers buy from you?

You may have a unique product, you may be the tried and trusted market/brand leader, or you could be providing a fabulous service to local businesses. Understanding why your customers buy from you can be an extremely powerful piece of knowledge with the potential to create high growth and increased profits.

So what could their answers be?

  • You are cheaper than the rest
  • Your sales team are extremely helpful
  • You always deliver on time
  • I have been buying from you for years, why go anywhere else
  • You’re not the cheapest, but you provide excellent value for the money
  • Your products are better than the rest
  • Your service gets results
  • I really trust what you have to say

Indeed, there are many answers to this all important question, but sometimes we take this for granted. Most businesses don’t explore this wealth of customer insight, and the further leverage this information when looking to influence new customers. So here is a bit of my own leverage, feel free to see my feedback.

Marketing has now become more of a process of influencing the recipient rather than a direct sales approach, and utilising the reasons why customers buy from you and why you do what you do. Case studies, testimonials, reviews and customer feedback tends to be some of the most absorbed content on a website. The visitor knows what you do, and they may be interested in how you do it, but in reality they want to know more about you and what you customers think of the service and products you provide. This changing or migrating attitude can be very much attributed to the internet, and the sheer volume of  information that is available to everyone who cares to explore. A website like Trip Advisor, specifically geared towards the leisure industry has a star rating accumulated from customer feedback, which helps the business owners and management to analyse what customers think, promote their business, and continually seek business and self-improvement. The comments are real to the reader, with no sales messages or clever slogan’s, just real experiences and opinions to create an affinity with the reader of those comments.
So, the key to this article is self-improvement. We are never too wise to learn from others, whether they are customers, mentors, or the valued opinion from a friend or colleague. To learn from others to improve yourself and the prospects of your business is an absolute must for us all.

I would urge anyone in business to read some of the superb books available for business owners, and I will be recommending my choices on future newsletters, which will all be detailed on the ‘books to read’ section on my website.

Simon SSimon-Sinek-bookinek’s Book is available from Amazon, and as the saying goes, available at all good book resellers. Just so you don’t have to look too hard, this is the link to Start with the why on Amazon.

In answer to the first question in the headline, it’s because you haven’t demonstrated the ‘why’ to those who don’t!

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