SMEs in The South-East Flourish After a Push from The Manufacturing Growth Programme

The future looks bright for Manufacturing SMEs in the South-East, despite Brexit Doomsday rumours. It’s been over a year since Britain opted to leave the European Union and, whilst the government is still far from achieving the clean break it hopes to achieve, it seems that SMEs have yet to bow to the uncertainty as it lingers still over the economic sector.

Manufacturing businesses have seen growth on both a national and regional scale this year, with national sales seeing an increase of 57% over a six-month period between September 2016 and March 2017. Following the tone of national growth, local manufacturing SMEs that have received free business advice and support from the Manufacturing Growth Programme reported sizeable turnovers, with 38% of businesses achieving between one and five million-pound turnovers between October 2016 and August 2017.

Overall, the Manufacturing Growth Programme has supported over 1222 SMEs in England since October 2016, creating 489 new jobs since then. 99% of the businesses under guidance were very satisfied with the programme overall. 355 new to firm products were announced by SMEs whilst they were on the programme, indicating the magnitude of the MGP’s impact on the businesses that they have worked with so far.

With twenty-five years of experience in running a successful business – and with my expertise as a business coach – I am on-hand to join forces with the MGP team to offer your business the best advice in areas spanning business strategy, leadership and management, customer relationships and many more.

If your SME has an annual turnover of less than £43million and is currently employing fewer than 250 people, then your business could be eligible to join the Manufacturing Growth Programme. To find out more and to start the funding process, please contact me.

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