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I had the pleasure of meeting Stuart Allan during a ‘Help To Grow’ training programme, and from the
moment we connected, I knew he was a true professional. As someone new to mentoring, I needed
his guidance due to his extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Although we couldn’t
connect through the programme, he graciously provided me with valuable support, materials and
templates, during our sessions demonstrating his true generosity.

However, our collaboration went beyond that. I had a powerful realisation, despite having worked
with numerous mentors and business coaches before, that I often found myself feeling that it was a
waste of my time. However, Stuart was different. His expertise and efficiency had a transformative
impact on me, both personally and professionally. Unlike my previous experiences, Stuart’s guidance
was invaluable, providing me with a newfound sense of purpose and direction. I felt confident,
motivated, and focused on raising venture capital funds for Modistyle after our conversations. In
addition to his expertise, Stuart’s friendly and likable personality made working with him a joy.
This is just the beginning of an exceptional partnership. Stuart, thank you for being an invaluable
asset to businesses and business owners.

I wholeheartedly recommend him for his efficiency, business acumen, meticulous attention to detail,
and engaging personality.