As we near the end of 2015, I wanted to put on record our appreciation of the contribution you have made, and continue to make, to the armed forces senior commanders workshop in London (the “Role of a Corporate Director” programme).

To have someone with your business background and experience assisting these officers in understanding the role of a civilian Board, the nature and responsibilities of senior executives and the challenges that need to be overcome at both strategic and operational levels in business has been of very real value.

There is no question that senior military officers have great skills to offer to industry at large. However the essential element of commercial awareness has not normally been part of their background (at least to any great extent) hence the importance of the training and coaching offered to them in general and by this programme in particular.

There is no doubt, easily testified by the feedback from every course in which you have taken part, that those on the directors’ programme have greatly benefitted from your being there. ¬†Your ability to communicate at this level and to respond so professionally to the questions raised by these officers (from all three services) is clearly of considerable value to each individual. Many thanks for your contribution and for your personal commitment.