Advanced Digital Graphics

October 30, 2019

When I contacted Stuart, I wanted to find out what he could get out of Advance Digital Graphics, this is not what I got! Instead Stuart showed me what I could get out of my company, this was a much more powerful tool.

I was uneasy before our first meeting, waiting to be told what I had been doing wrong for the last 19 years and preparing myself to be belittled. The approach Stuart takes couldn’t be further from this image. The guidance and support Stuart gives is based on his many years of running his own business and he shares the challenges and trials of that business which echo all to well the frustrations we were having. Taking advise from someone who has been there and done it, makes a huge difference. I don’t have a business partner and have made all the tough decisions in the last 19 years alone, but working with Stuart has given me the sounding board and partner that is needed to help us grow Advance into the company I have always wanted to.

Each and every 2 hour meeting was packed with useful information, techniques and tools to help understand and grow my business. Whilst there was a set structure to the process, we were able to go off track and tackle specific challenges we were facing as a company at the time, this was a great help and showed us how flexible and knowledgeable Stuart actually is. The process is enlightening and invigorating, I have gained confidence in the areas that I previously shied away from and have gained plenty of new skills.

If the motivation this process gave me was the only thing I had gained, it would have been well worth every penny, in reality we gained much, much more.

Would I recommend Stuart? I have done, many times!