I’ve been working with Stuart for approximately 2 Years; beginning when I first started my company Unity Online, through the Growth Accelerator programme, after finding out about him at a business trade exhibition.

My initial strength when starting the company was client acquisition. Whilst this is incredibly important to grow a company, so is everything else that comes with it! During the early days Stuart helped to keep me grounded, making sure that Sales and Operations where aligned to ensure we consistently delivered a premium end product.
Stuart’s clear concise structure for helping you see the big picture for your business allows you to remove yourself from the day to day noise and focus on the high value tasks which are going to make the biggest difference. This partnered with holding you accountable for tasks and being a sounding board for ideas you have, coupled with his unrelenting enthusiasm, makes a recipe for success.

With Stuart’s assistance during the last 20 months Unity Online has seen a 570% increase in sales, meaning we have expanded from 2 employees to 11 – Consequently we recently had to move into a much larger 4000sq’ office to accommodate the accelerated growth! Being relatively new to employing staff I was always fearful of growing so quickly with the associated increasing overheads. However, Stuart helped overcome this fear with me by indentifying clear trigger points for employing new staff to ensure I was comfortable with the expansion and his evangelism about maintaining profit margins at all times.

Coming into 2017 I’m incredibly excited about continuing to work with Stuart. I feel that now we’re more established the tyres are really going to start to gain traction and the business is going to accelerate at an even faster rate. Our current forecasting puts us at 16 employees by July, having just started another employee this week, and 28 the following year, achieving sales of over £1m within 3 years of starting my business.

Being in marketing and visiting many businesses, I often come across companies that have or have used a so called “Business Coach” and had a bad experience – Drawing upon decades of experience with growing his own company, I can assure you that Stuart Allan does not fit within this bracket. Without Stuart’s help my business would have not scaled to the level it has in such a short space of time and if you’re on the fence about engaging him, I can assure you, you won’t regret it and I couldn’t recommend his services highly enough.