Jentel Packing

September 16, 2019

We knew that we were doing something wrong as a company because the numbers were
completely against us and no matter how hard we worked we were not seeing any profitability coming through, instead we just found ourselves in more and more financial trouble.

Stuart helped us identify where the costs were far too high and in what ways we should be thinking to reduce costs and maximise profits. I can’t really explain at this stage how it’s happened, because it has been a bit of a whirlwind, but what I can tell you is we have turned our company around, and we have now set the path for future profitable growth, where we will see the fruits of our labour. We are by no means finished with the process and will continue to work with Stuart to strive to grow the business and its profitability.

Stuart is a great asset to have in your arsenal as he drills down into everything in finite detail. He is all about the stats and figures; be prepared to put your calculator and your brain through its paces!

We believe that as a company we will partner with Stuart for the long term because he is great to fall back on for his knowledge, reliance and questions.

Simon Loosley
Jentel Packing

Stuart has been an invaluable resource to increase our knowledge and precision on numbers where it all matters.

One memorable session with him, on one particular day, proved to us just how much we had missed previously. You could call it a “gobsmack” moment when the reality and facts hit.

He certainly demonstrated to us exactly where the majority of our issues were and provided a number of examples of how we could change our systems for the better thus dramatically improving our bottom line.

Not knowing what to expect at first, we were completely reassured from Stuart’s consultation that he was all about positive change and making a substantial difference. Which we can confirm he has done this without any doubt and will continue to do so over the long term.