Having recognised the need for a coach last year following a difficult MBO, I started working with Stuart.

One year in and I am highly satisfied with the impact he has had on my business. Commercially astute, Stuart comes to each meeting with new ideas and has made a significant effort to understand the business. Whilst his experience isn’t directly related to our industry, his knowledge and expertise have proven not only to be applicable, but in many cases highly appropriate.

He has taken the time to meet with my team and discuss with them their perspective on the business, their roles within it and my leadership, translating this into feedback that has enabled me to consider ways in which I can maintain motivation and better use of the resources I have at my disposal.

He has looked at our historical accounts, sales and marketing strategy and costing model, spending time analysing each aspect of the company so that he can give advice and help push the business in the right direction.

Without Stuart’s input I am not sure I would still have a business, with his input it is thriving.

With this in mind, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services for the positive impact he’s had on my company.