After running T&LC for more than 10 years and not getting to where I
wanted to be, although I was putting in all the effort that I physically and
mentally could, I knew I had to do something to change myself and the
business to achieve success.

When I signed up with Stuart on his Growth Accelerator programme little
did I know what I was letting myself in for, Stuart has not only opened
my eyes on how to manage my business from the grass roots up (no pun
intended) he has also made me realise how important financial and
operational systems and structures are within a business to become
bigger, better and stronger as a company.

On a personal level I feel more confident and a lot less stressed knowing I
am getting to grips with the business and am starting to gain control;
which will allow me to expand rapidly.

Although finances are not everything, within the 4 months I have been
working with Stuart my profits have increased by 80%, is this just
coincidence? …… I think not.

I look forward to continuing to work with Stuart on a 1-2-1 coaching
programme in not only building the business, but me as a person, far
bigger than I could ever of expected before.

To cap it all off he’s not a bad bloke either.