We tried a number of coaches, including some big names, before enlisting Stuart Allan's help and his approach has been refreshing. Whereas most coaches have a text-book knowledge and trot out the same cliches and motivational material, Stuart has a very practical, bespoke design for each of his clients.


With a history of building up a successful brand, only to see it collapse when a large supermarket played the school-yard bully and then resurrecting it to take it on to a very profitable sale only a few years later, Stuart knows the conditions at the coal face.


We are beginning to see the fruits of the partnership and we hope things will continue to improve as rapidly. Meticulous financial records are a hallmark of Stuart's support and the value of them to our operation has been enormous.


I would add a note of caution to any business employing parrots, not to let Stuart near them, they bite!.


Don Bremner BSc BVSc MRCVS