I would like to thank you for your incredible work you have done for Elan.


I have looked at business coaching before, but no one has impressed me enough initially to want to explore this. I found the background of other coaches in the past to be less than credible, and felt it difficult to work with someone who hadn’t succeeded at a high level in business.


Your success in what can only be described as a tough market was all I needed to engage with you. Your advice has been invaluable to my business and planning for the future, and to have your knowledge, ideas and expertise has made a significant impact on my bottom line, and given me the clarity and direction for the future.


There are business coaches in name only, and then proper business coaches. Your 'no holds barred, go getter' attitude towards coaching has been incredibly refreshing, notwithstanding the enthusiasm and expertise you have injected into my business, which has made the difference to our immediate and future prosperity.


I would very much like to thank you for your help, and if anyone reads this testimonial, and experiences what I have over the past months, will certainly be on the right track to growing their business by employing your services as a Professional Business Coach.


Mark Fiddes - Director - Elan Marketing