Stuart has worked with our level 3 chef students previously, enhancing and enriching their curriculum in product development and delivery.


Since September 2017 I have been very fortunate to have Stuart teaching elements of the business management curriculum to my Level 3 hospitality management students.


Stuart’s knowledge and expertise in business has benefitted my students in their studies in exposure to such a valuable resource, providing real life and current business practises that tie in with the curriculum.


Over six tailor made sessions, Stuart has guided my students through the necessary steps to start up and run their own hospitality event company.


Beginning with the Orbit map on the first session Stuart lead the students through the three year plan. Explaining as we went through and adding information into the key areas of business planning and expansion over three years. In the second session we looked at the 90 day and 12 month goals, applying them to the plans set out in the Orbit map. In the third session we looked at budget forecasting for a 12 month period, taking into account the income vs expenditure. In the fourth session we went through the conversion rates and calculation, including weekly and monthly cash flow projections. In the fifth we went through Stuart’s marketing plan, including marketing strategy and review. Lastly Stuart took us through the time line and checklist for event planning which neatly tied up the whole experience for the students. Essentially each student received the resources and knowledge to start their own business.


Stuart’s delivery and patience with the students has led to some great teaching sessions. This has taken considerable time and effort from Stuart, for which I am extremely grateful.


Student comments:

Stuart’s sessions have been informative and interesting.
I now have the materials I need if I wanted to set up my own business.

Although I found some of the calculations quite difficult at the start, Stuart was patient and was able to explain in a way that I could follow and catch up.


Stephen Frei Level 3 Hospitality Management Programme Manager