Having recognised the need for a coach last year following a difficult MBO, I started working with Stuart.

One year in and I am highly satisfied with the impact he has had on my business. Commercially astute, Stuart comes to each meeting with new ideas and has made a significant effort to understand the business. Whilst his experience isn't directly related to our industry, his knowledge and expertise have proven not only to be applicable, but in many cases highly appropriate.

He has taken the time to meet with my team and discuss with them their perspective on the business, their roles within it and my leadership, translating this into feedback that has enabled me to consider ways in which I can maintain motivation and better use of the resources I have at my disposal.

He has looked at our historical accounts, sales and marketing strategy and costing model, spending time analysing each aspect of the company so that he can give advice and help push the business in the right direction.

Without Stuart's input I am not sure I would still have a business, with his input it is thriving.

With this in mind, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services for the positive impact he's had on my company.

George Ashford - CEO - Creative Medical Research

As a managing director of a successful and expanding company, I am very conscious of time allocation and at first was very sceptical about using a business coach and mentor, but after the initial meeting with Stuart it became very apparent that he was a man who understood the issues of running a company and over a period of time he was able to see where we could improve and guided us to a position where we could better grow our business in a more structured manner.

Stuart’s approach is very professional and I would recommend his services to any other company manager or owner. You could be very surprised what you may learn about your business and how best to move forward.

Alan York, Managing Direct, Global Essence UK Ltd

I met Stuart in 2010 when we moved from London and became his neighbour in Colchester. We hit it off pretty quickly and since then we’ve built a really good friendship with his family.


I’d been in business for nearly 3 years before starting with Stuart and I had reached a stage where I felt the business’s potential was greater than its current model. Stuart and I would often talk about our work and future business idea, and it was very natural to reach-out to Stuart when I needed help transforming how I was selling our services.


The majority of the first 6 months were focussed on improving the sales and marketing. Stuart identified our priority was to invest in a sales and marketing strategy that could be developed to build the businesses potential. This has been an extremely rewarding process learning from his in-depth knowledge and experience. Stuart has given me more confidence to deal with generating more sales.


Initially, we worked to raise the websites SEO and ensure the website is a place of knowledge and information. We started posting monthly news updates on to the website, used social media to share the information with the construction community and lifted our presence in the internet search engines to a top-3 placing. We now have more traffic to the website and have experienced a sharp increase in business enquires and sales.


Stuart then reviewed our approach to promoting our services and advised expanding our portfolio to encourage more interest. Traditional quantity surveying services are often understood to mean employing a full-time surveyor, but I believed the industry would also welcome buying quantity surveying on an ad-hoc basis. We had no idea how to bring this idea to market – needless to say Stuart had lots ideas and he has successfully guided us through this tricky process.


If you’re thinking of investing in someone to guide your company to the next level, I would definitely recommend getting Stuart on board. Stuart is greatly experienced and knowledgeable in business matters, he is calm in chaotic situations, and brings clarity to my ideas and helps to make my plans real things that work for the business. We are very excited about the next 6 months and what we will achieve with together!


Kieron Waites

We knew that we were doing something wrong as a company because the numbers were
completely against us and no matter how hard we worked we were not seeing any profitability coming through, instead we just found ourselves in more and more financial trouble.


Stuart helped us identify where the costs were far too high and in what ways we should be thinking to reduce costs and maximise profits. I can’t really explain at this stage how it’s happened, because it has been a bit of a whirlwind, but what I can tell you is we have turned our company around, and we have now set the path for future profitable growth, where we will see the fruits of our labour. We are by no means finished with the process and will continue to work with Stuart to strive to grow the business and its profitability.


Stuart is a great asset to have in your arsenal as he drills down into everything in finite detail. He is all about the stats and figures; be prepared to put your calculator and your brain through its paces!


We believe that as a company we will partner with Stuart for the long term because he is great to fall back on for his knowledge, reliance and questions.


Simon Loosley
Jentel Packing





Stuart has been an invaluable resource to increase our knowledge and precision on numbers where it all matters.


One memorable session with him, on one particular day, proved to us just how much we had missed previously. You could call it a “gobsmack” moment when the reality and facts hit.


He certainly demonstrated to us exactly where the majority of our issues were and provided a number of examples of how we could change our systems for the better thus dramatically improving our bottom line.


Not knowing what to expect at first, we were completely reassured from Stuart’s consultation that he was all about positive change and making a substantial difference. Which we can confirm he has done this without any doubt and will continue to do so over the long term.


Ben Loosley
Jentel Packing