When I contacted Stuart, I wanted to find out what he could get out of Advance Digital Graphics, this is not what I got! Instead Stuart showed me what I could get out of my company, this was a much more powerful tool.


I was uneasy before our first meeting, waiting to be told what I had been doing wrong for the last 19 years and preparing myself to be belittled. The approach Stuart takes couldn’t be further from this image. The guidance and support Stuart gives is based on his many years of running his own business and he shares the challenges and trials of that business which echo all to well the frustrations we were having. Taking advise from someone who has been there and done it, makes a huge difference. I don’t have a business partner and have made all the tough decisions in the last 19 years alone, but working with Stuart has given me the sounding board and partner that is needed to help us grow Advance into the company I have always wanted to.


Each and every 2 hour meeting was packed with useful information, techniques and tools to help understand and grow my business. Whilst there was a set structure to the process, we were able to go off track and tackle specific challenges we were facing as a company at the time, this was a great help and showed us how flexible and knowledgeable Stuart actually is. The process is enlightening and invigorating, I have gained confidence in the areas that I previously shied away from and have gained plenty of new skills.


If the motivation this process gave me was the only thing I had gained, it would have been well worth every penny, in reality we gained much, much more.


Would I recommend Stuart? I have done, many times!



Dan Harman - Managing Director - Advanced Digital Graphics Ltd

Having grown the business for 10 years I felt we needed additional experience and a different perspective as to the future planning for the next 5 years.  Our sales had levelled off, and although we had happy customers, we were in need of some sound analysis and thinking about the possibilities and opportunities open to the business.


In a number of meetings we explored the current position and Stuart quickly understood the key points that we needed to concentrate on and had an excellent grasp of our business position and the choices available to us.


His wealth of own business experience in key decision making and areas of competence has been a real asset in our own decision making process and his knowledge and understanding of what’s needed has been invaluable.


We’ll continue to tap into his many skills as we implement the plans we have for the business and I thoroughly recommend him if you are looking for guidance or another perspective.


Robin Reid - Managing Director - Rosenflex

Having recognised the need for a coach last year following a difficult MBO, I started working with Stuart.

One year in and I am highly satisfied with the impact he has had on my business. Commercially astute, Stuart comes to each meeting with new ideas and has made a significant effort to understand the business. Whilst his experience isn't directly related to our industry, his knowledge and expertise have proven not only to be applicable, but in many cases highly appropriate.

He has taken the time to meet with my team and discuss with them their perspective on the business, their roles within it and my leadership, translating this into feedback that has enabled me to consider ways in which I can maintain motivation and better use of the resources I have at my disposal.

He has looked at our historical accounts, sales and marketing strategy and costing model, spending time analysing each aspect of the company so that he can give advice and help push the business in the right direction.

Without Stuart's input I am not sure I would still have a business, with his input it is thriving.

With this in mind, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services for the positive impact he's had on my company.

George Ashford - CEO - Creative Medical Research

As a managing director of a successful and expanding company, I am very conscious of time allocation and at first was very sceptical about using a business coach and mentor, but after the initial meeting with Stuart it became very apparent that he was a man who understood the issues of running a company and over a period of time he was able to see where we could improve and guided us to a position where we could better grow our business in a more structured manner.

Stuart’s approach is very professional and I would recommend his services to any other company manager or owner. You could be very surprised what you may learn about your business and how best to move forward.

Alan York, Managing Direct, Global Essence UK Ltd