Stuart has worked with our level 3 chef students previously, enhancing and enriching their curriculum in product development and delivery.


Since September 2017 I have been very fortunate to have Stuart teaching elements of the business management curriculum to my Level 3 hospitality management students.


Stuart’s knowledge and expertise in business has benefitted my students in their studies in exposure to such a valuable resource, providing real life and current business practises that tie in with the curriculum.


Over six tailor made sessions, Stuart has guided my students through the necessary steps to start up and run their own hospitality event company.


Beginning with the Orbit map on the first session Stuart lead the students through the three year plan. Explaining as we went through and adding information into the key areas of business planning and expansion over three years. In the second session we looked at the 90 day and 12 month goals, applying them to the plans set out in the Orbit map. In the third session we looked at budget forecasting for a 12 month period, taking into account the income vs expenditure. In the fourth session we went through the conversion rates and calculation, including weekly and monthly cash flow projections. In the fifth we went through Stuart’s marketing plan, including marketing strategy and review. Lastly Stuart took us through the time line and checklist for event planning which neatly tied up the whole experience for the students. Essentially each student received the resources and knowledge to start their own business.

Stuart’s delivery and patience with the students has led to some great teaching sessions. This has taken considerable time and effort from Stuart, for which I am extremely grateful.


Student comments:

Stuart’s sessions have been informative and interesting.
I now have the materials I need if I wanted to set up my own business.

Although I found some of the calculations quite difficult at the start, Stuart was patient and was able to explain in a way that I could follow and catch up.


Stephen Frei Level 3 Hospitality Management Programme Manager

We tried a number of coaches, including some big names, before enlisting Stuart Allan's help and his approach has been refreshing. Whereas most coaches have a text-book knowledge and trot out the same cliches and motivational material, Stuart has a very practical, bespoke design for each of his clients.


With a history of building up a successful brand, only to see it collapse when a large supermarket played the school-yard bully and then resurrecting it to take it on to a very profitable sale only a few years later, Stuart knows the conditions at the coal face.


We are beginning to see the fruits of the partnership and we hope things will continue to improve as rapidly. Meticulous financial records are a hallmark of Stuart's support and the value of them to our operation has been enormous.


I would add a note of caution to any business employing parrots, not to let Stuart near them, they bite!.


Don Bremner BSc BVSc MRCVS

I started working with Stuart in January 2017, I was a bit sceptical to start with as I had read a bit about business coach’s and was unsure of what to expect.

My main reason for working with Stuart was because I had lost interest, drive, ambition and was on the way to wanting out of my business, I had started the business 13 years ago and in the last five years had seen massive growth but had seen the business plateau in the last 12 months, I was concerned that our costs were increasing but our profit was starting to dwindle.

The first couple of meetings with Stuart I noticed I was getting some interest back but I was still doubting whether I was doing the right thing, anyway as time went on I did all the tasks Stuart told me to do and I started to notice subtle but very interesting changes, I invested in HR, I invested in Marketing, I invested in new vehicles, all the things that I would have never done on my own.

We are 8 months down the line now and I have for the first time a very clear understanding of my business, where I would like my business to go, our figures say it all, to date we are 21.8% increase on our growth to this period last year, my staff now have clear focus, I complete all my work and manage to take time for myself.

Stuart has opened my eyes to the fact that everything I was going through is the same as all other businesses, I no longer worry about what I could have done, I now concentrate on the next idea or project.

From a sceptical start in January to a solid growth plan and structure in September. That is one thing I can thank Stuart for and I am looking forward to the next part of the journey.

Many thanks Stuart for your help and advice

Lee Thrower - Managing Director

Our company has been growing but we hit a brick wall to jump to the next level. We tried to overcome this for a few years but could not work out why we were finding it so hard to get over that wall.


We called on Stuart to help us understand why. Stuart opened our eyes to new ideas, techniques and structure within the company that we had never been able to manage before.


Stuart’s advice and support has been invaluable. He is very supportive and explains things in a way that we can understand and seem not so daunting.


It has been hard work but with Stuart’s professionalism and business acumen we have been able to now grow and put the structure in place that we needed.


We are now growing faster than we had before and we can now see a clearer path ahead. We are much more structured within how we manage the business and discuss all future goals.


Without Stuart’s input and knowledge, we may not have been able to get to that next level. We are glad we met with Stuart. If you are in any doubt I would definitely recommend taking that leap of faith and see how Stuart can help you develop your company and share his expertise. You will be surprised.


Thanks Stuart!


Paul Lebrett - Managing Director, Rapid Response Maintenance Ltd