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I hate to be negative, but so would you!

"The three most dreaded words in business are Negative Cash Flow" A healthy cash flow is an essential part of any successful business. Some business people claim that a healthy cash flow is even more important than your business's ability to deliver its goods or services! That may be placing a bit too much importance on…
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The aggregation of marginal gains!

As a business coach you are continually exploring new ideas and opportunities of innovation within a business, and being able to share and exploit this with business owners is one of the most exciting prospects for me as a business coach. In all forms of business there are some quite outstanding examples of how imagination…
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Don’t be afraid of asking for help!

Don't be afraid of asking for help! No one likes to admit they need help. It is embedded into the human psyche not to admit defeat or ask for help, but in the business world help has been behind many of our famous business people in the form of a mentor or coach. Richard Branson…
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