Management Support Coaching

Market research specialists trading in a high tech environment

Introduced by a business referral

24 months and continuing


  • CEO required senior managerial support after a difficult two year MBO process to achieve the onerous financial targets implemented over a five year period.
  • Leadership and management support and training.
  • Financial literacy training requirements.
  • Increasing company profits and financial margins.
  • Identification and implementation of company KPI’s.
  • Identification of strategic opportunities and implementation of growth plans.
  • Identification of expanding team requirements and training / induction processes.


  • General management training and support including:
  • Financial literacy training.
  • Leadership and management training and support.
  • Review of marketing techniques and plans.
  • Strategic company development plans and identification of new opportunities, particularly related to diabetic delivery systems.
  • Identification of new target markets and key business development areas.
  • Development of key strategic competitor alliances.
  • Advice for the CEO when preparing, liasing and presenting reports to the shareholders.
  • Financial advice when preparing reports for funding opportunities.


  • Turnover increasing.
  • Profits increasing.
  • Onerous financial targets and repayment plans are being satisfied.
  • Market research team increased by 75%.
  • MBO debts decreasing by £160,000 per annum.
  • CEO’s shareholding increasing by 20% year-on-year


Fascinating company owing to the global opportunities available, they are already operating in global markets but they’re concentrating on saturating current clients by marketing to new departments that could utilise their services, rather than just cultivating purely new leads. This recognises a key factor for growth, with the business dealing with blue chip global companies.


The company has established a strong strategic direction for the business going forward, and with the introduction of new staff with key skills, the business is set to maximise the opportunities that lay ahead.

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