Business Coaching

Established and experienced services company

Through a business networking event

18 months and continuing


  • Identify strategic growth areas within the diversity of the business model
  • Creating a plan for staff acquisition to increase resources
  • Build residual business opportunities
  • Advise sole director on how to step back and plan the growth of the business
  • Devise a package strategy for the business to market effectively to new clients.


The director had recognised the potential within the company, but had got into a comfort zone with a number of very established and loyal clients. Ongoing coaching was established to renew the vigour and realise the potential in the business.

View a full article submitted by the company director here


  • New packages created to build residual income aspects of the business
  • Strategic direction for the business showing a clear path to growth
  • Recruitment process for part and full time employment within the company
  • Improved cash-flow tools in place to monitor the cash within the company for investment
  • Pricing and finances reviewed to increase margins.
  • Sales processes and conversion techniques reviewed and improved.


  • Increased residual sales by 100%
  • Increased ad-hoc sales by 75%
  • Expansion into new offices to cater for recruitment programme
  • Packages for marketing proving very successful, and provide a clear and coherent direction for clients


The business and owner has renewed its passion for growth after a long period of stagnation. It’s growth over the past six months is evidence of its appropriate approach to the market, and understanding exactly what its clients need. Structurally, the company is now expanding to accommodate a period of strong growth that is set to continue.

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