Maintaining a very strong level of growth

Maintenance services company specialising in large corporate contracts

Introduced by a business referral

18 months and continuing


  • Increase company sales.
  • Increase profits.
  • Identify the directors key work attributes and concentrate on building their respective areas of competence.
  • Build strong and stable administrative and engineering teams to increase the professionalism and profitability within the company.
  • Identify new commercial opportunities and target markets.
  • Implement pro-active marketing.
  • Introduce KPI’s to monitor the progress of the business.
  • Improve team training and induction processes.
  • Improve the business systems within the company.
  • Leadership and management training required.


  • Director’s attributes identified as operations, and sales and marketing, subsequently cultivated to maximise the expansion of the business.
  • New senior operations manager employed to aid the development, re-structuring and systemisation of the company.
  • New administrative structures introduced, departmentalising the client case handling and administrative financial processes.
  • 100% increase in the administrative team to cope with the expansion of the business.
  • New recruitment and induction processes introduced.
  • New target markets identified.
  • New website designed and implemented.
  • Pro-active marketing opportunities identified and implemented.
  • ‘Blue Chip’ clients identified, tendering processes refined.
  • Re-writing and advice on professionalising client tenders.


  • Sales substantially increasing
  • Profitability substantially increasing
  • Turnover up by 60%
  • Labour costs down by 13% pro rata
  • Major contracts established through tendering process
  • Expansion of premises to incorporate increased office and storage space
  • Improved cross company and client communications systems in place
  • New specialists training accreditations established to expand unique service offering


A complete transition of an already successful company into a potential market leader. The structure of a new management tier accompanied with new ongoing marketing and sales processes will see the company continue to grow a strong and respected brand within their market sector.

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