Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director bringing transformational change to businesses nationally and internationally.

Coaching and mentoring the key individuals in any business is highly rewarding, and Stuart's role as a non-executive director sees him working with senior management to help them develop and grow their businesses.

Stuart's own successful  career in business spans four decades. Like all experienced business people, he sees the current period as probably the most testing and challenging time in business history. Huge technological changes and the opportunities this brings, and of course the UK's recent decision to leave the EU, all creating their own complexities, and challenge how we conduct ourselves in the business arena now, and in the future.

Stuart brings a great deal of experience, knowledge and expertise working in his role as a non-executive director, performing transformational changes including:

  • Developing personal strengths and attributes within senior management
  • Specialising in change management strategies for entrepreneurial companies
  • Development courses for businesses owners and team leaders
  • Helping business owners to quantify the performance of their businesses
  • Co-ordinating work/training programmes, practices and procedures

To find out more about Stuart, please visit the non-executive directory website.