Are you a blogger, vlogger or just a marketing plodder!?

It’s fair to say that when you started your business, you started with a blank piece of paper. You wrote down your business idea and then you created a strategy based around how to start and grow your business. You told everyone you knew about your business and they started to engage with you and become clients. You then expanded the audience by emailing everyone you knew, or you purchased that first set of data and sent emails that sold others your services and products.  You probably created that new website, and may well have renewed this several times over since, creating a natural influence on your wider market place. You may have then just stopped!

It is incredibly common to see businesses fall over dramatically when it comes to marketing and true to say that having no meaningful marketing activity can lead to business stagnation and sometimes failure. You introduce the necessary assets and make initial contact and then think that is enough. “I have my marketing in place now, so come and find me.” Guess what, everyone is a little too busy right now, you need to be approaching them. A good comparison is you wouldn’t have a sales team waiting for the phones to ring!

How much consideration did you give to the wider audience? To growing your business?

Word of mouth and recommendation is fantastic, and the reactive searcher finding you on Google is also very good, but how much business are you missing out on by not considering your proactive marketing more carefully?

Sales and marketing go hand in hand and your website and its content, visual presence and strategy are every bit as important as your business plan. Sadly, a lot of business owners disregard or pay little heed to the advantages of a well-planned marketing strategy.

Having a website, domain name and an inactive social media contact page is not enough to stimulate your audience. The website will remain static and possibly be passed over by the browsing public unless you have something to shout about and work on it effectively. An empty timeline on a social media page is probably more damaging than not having one at all, and that data you once purchased is languishing on an email marketing portal and probably forgotten about.

“So get a little proactive! Have fun with your marketing, but also become educated on what you need to do… start with blogging, vlogging and any other connotation of the word we can think of.  I do truly understand your confusion!”

To blog or not to blog – that is the question. Do you know why you should blog? Let’s start with why…

This is the part of the website that updates your target audience about the business and lets them interact with you. It gives the business life and character and tells the customer what you are all about and it entices them to delve deeper into the recesses of your website. It creates a personality on the company, but also personalities for the key people within the company. People ultimately buy from people so it makes perfect sense to educate the audience about the great people within your business.

What is a blog?

This is actually the source of much confusion. Is it news or something different. Well actually it is what you want it to be. It could be opinions on your industry, advice to your customers, or letting your customers know more about the business and its people. The real difference between the two is the tone of voice. News content is less personal, whereas blog content is written by someone in the first voice, just like you are talking to a person standing in front of you.

How long should a blog be?

It should be as long as the information you want to convey, while keeping it interesting for your readers. Yes, it isn’t an article as such, and certainly doesn’t need to be pages long. Remember that your reader probably has a short window to take in the information. So get to your point early, or at the very least tease them to find out more. A great piece of fiction is based on keeping the reader eagerly turning pages, so your blog needs to keep them scrolling.

You may even want to do some Vlogging

No it isn’t some form of ancient torture as it might sound, although for some standing in front of a video camera talking about their business could be deemed an uncomfortable torture of a kind. Vlogging is the art of presenting yourself and company in a credible manner using the highly engaging medium of video. Video is more often clicked on than a static image, and it is a superb way to get a message over quickly and succinctly, whilst expressing your passion for what you do. It can build credibility in your business, and demonstrate expertise. Blogging and Vlogging do very much the same thing in their methods of promoting your business.

So my bet is that you haven’t really considered a company blog page. If not, why not?

You have a home page, the obligatory “About Us” page and your pages on products and services, where you are, a contact page and so on, but these pages generally never change. A potential customer may pay one or two visits to your site and sees that nothing has changed and then leaves which results in a lost customer with no engagement to the business.

Consider having a blog written for you that is updated every two weeks or at the very least once a month. It’s your company’s way of talking to the customer directly. Tell them about your offers, offer them case studies, or whether you are attending a trade show, but whatever you do, it will only enhance your business by building your brand.

Draw the customer in and give them a reason to re visit your site. Consider this…

By engaging in subjects that matter to the customer and also the wider audience, it could mean that more people find your site via the available search engines and that means more traffic to your site, and ultimately, fingers-crossed, more sales.

Some more tips on Blogging!

  • Blogs are far more than mere words. Blogs educate, give insights and also help your company to acquire an individuality or a character that it doesn’t otherwise have.
  • You need to offer something different to what’s already out there, you want to inspire and entice, to touch the emotive side of the reader to want to engage with you and to buy your service or product.
  • Bear in mind though, that Rome wasn’t built in a day and by posting one or two blogs every now and then doesn’t mean that the floodgates will open. However, over time, you will be able to measure the blogs success by the web traffic on your site.
  • Lastly, don’t just post your blog on your web page. Share it with others using Twitter, Facebook, Email and other appropriate proactive or push marketing mediums, and get the message out there. Utilise your marketing strategy effectively. In fact, get yourself a marketing strategy.

Now do you see the importance of blogging?

Millions of businesses now practice the art of blogging, and a growing amount also focus on vlogging, so if you still think it is a waste of your time, I promise you that regular content of this nature going onto your blog, sharing it across your proactive marketing activity, and making sure you fully optimise the content for search is a huge positive for your business and your website. New engaging and optimised content on your website will help the ranking of the site on search, engage and relate to your existing and new found audience!

Still confused? For guidance on marketing and any aspect of your business, give me a call and let’s have lunch!





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