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“ Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein

\”So, how insane are you?\”

The common questions I am asked by those looking to use my coaching services are what do you do, and how will this help me grow my business?

I have learnt from mentoring over forty business owners, business coaching is actually quite a difficult process and ideology to grasp initially. Every owner will certainly have a different opinion on the role of a business coach.

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maxium capabilities”
Bob Nardelli, Home Depot.

For this reason, I thought I would focus this article on the process of business coaching, and why I have an excellent success rate once business owners and their teams engage in my services and act upon the strategies and business development ideas we make jointly going forward, and it doesn’t involve any form of magic wand, but does contain a huge amount of logic. Commitment is essential, or to put it another way…

With a new year underway some of us might be looking to shed some of that recently expanded waistline, so to use the pertinent analogy…

‘If I was your personal trainer creating and implementing a bespoke training and diet programme for you, but you continued to eat the pies, not exercise, and change your mindset over the long term, would you achieve wight loss and improved health?\”

The key to business success, is not avoiding the reality, or procrastinating over the changes you need to make. I never make the decisions for my clients, I help business owners understand and analyse their businesses, by opening their eyes to the potential within their businesses, introducing and implementing systems and structures, and training their teams so they can make informed, strategic decisions on their own. Where to start you might ask?

Stripping the business back!

It can be painful at first, but hugely rewarding in the long-term.

I will ask a few questions of you first…

How many of us have had this thought; ‘I want to grow my business, but not quite sure where to start. Should I lead with improvements in operations or sales first? I am concerned if I don’t improve operations and capacity, increasing sales will create issues, and we won’t be able to sustain new growth and provide the quality of service. Customers could potentially fall off the other end as quickly as we obtain them.’

… or could you also be that person who chases rainbows, or looks for the key to a secret garden that nobody else has found or seen, i.e., a unique opportunity that your competitors don’t know about, or diversification because the existing model is getting slightly tedious, or on the surface doesn’t seem to be working. That typical statement or thought process, “there must be an easier way to make a success of this, or am I missing something magical, or I am bored of the same old issues and nothing seems to improve or change.”

As business owners I would defy anyone in business who hasn’t had these concerns or looked for that quick fix. We all have concerns about growth, or think at some point we may be missing something, and look for that obscure and mythical pot of gold. In reality, and with my experience the pot of gold very often exists and is pretty easy to find if you really start looking. The answers you need aren’t at the end of a rainbow; they just require stripping back the business to reveal the potential underneath. Invariably this means looking internally not externally first.

We start with the money

I am always amazed and regularly come across business owners who have received some form of coaching, but at no point has the coach ever looked at the financial aspects of the business. This is an absolute priority for me, very exciting and non-negotiable. Financials? Exciting? Really? I also don’t just mean accountancy financials I include operational and marketing in that as well. Are you insane Stuart? Well I might be insane, but I can guarantee a grasp of the financials, but more importantly what this reveals can be very exciting for the prospects of a business. But certainly not without a little pain first… Think about it … would any sport be interesting if you didn’t know the score or result?

Stripping the business back to its foundations, or at least to basement level is essential, and can sometimes be painful, but always extremely positive. You can identify significant opportunities, and you create a complete understanding of how you can achieve profitable growth. Anyone who has worked with me will fully understand this process, and together with my clients we have uncovered and achieved some instantaneous positive changes within their business, but also built long-term strategies for growth; which are easy to understand, sustainable and perfectly achievable.

Those positive light bulb moments in that first meeting are extremely addictive, and rebuilding a focused and concise direction for the business is incredibly rewarding. I have seen many business owners who have fallen out of love with their business learn to fall in love with it once again, and get extremely excited about the future.

So are you ready for everything 2017 has to offer? Are you ready to make those transformational changes and stop eating the same old pies? If you are, I will guarantee you renewed interest, excitement and growth!

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