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I am delighted to announce that I will be extending my work as a mentor to British ex-forces personnel with the launch of a dedicated coaching programme for the UK armed forces.

Every year, more than 20,000 people leave the UK Armed Forces to return to civilian life. The latest figures from CTP show that 84% of ex-military personnel are in employment within six months of leaving the Armed Forces; a higher rate of unemployment at 16% than that of the UK forecasted rate in 2016 of 4.8%. The figures though, are inconsequential to the real story, with many talented ex-service personnel simply not realising their potential in the open market.

The senior officers I have worked with through my support of CTP have been inspirational. These are candidates who have had some of the best training in the world, are operationally outstanding, and who have unparalleled discipline and natural leadership. Their potential to play a leading role in commerce is enormous and its often just a case of being able to explore ideas around what is possible.

I have developed a tailored programme for ex UK Armed Forces personnel to recognise and exploit these qualities and explore commercial possibilities with them. They may already have chosen to be self-employed and want to be more profitable, or are in a career that’s ‘just a job’ and aspire to do more. Either way, the results can be transformational and it’s work I deliver with absolute pleasure and pride.

To find out more, contact Stuart on 01206 523394 or email Stuart

I am a business coach and mentor based in Colchester, Essex and work with companies throughout the South-East of England. I founded Essex-based premium dessert company Indulgence Patisserie Ltd in 1987, turning it into a multi-million-pound international operation by the time of its sale in 2013.

I advise business owners using the extremely effective Growth Accelerator programme along with my own extensive experience in business. I act as a mentor for senior personnel with the British Army, a Consultant to the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) and joined the board of Tastes of Anglia in 2015.

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