An Orbit Map is an incredibly efficient and straightforward tool to demonstrate the journey towards reaching 1, 2 and 3-year growth targets. A joyous moment is to see the reaction from a business owner. Typically, ‘wow’, ‘oh my god’ and sometimes a few unrepeatable phrases. It is a ‘light bulb’ moment for a business owner.


Are you ready to scale your business? If so, click on the Download Now button below. Once downloaded the file consists of two Orbit Maps. These are…

  1.  A sample Orbit Map to help you decipher the figures you need to fill in…
  2. Your own blank template ready for you to complete

On the first page it details the figures you need from your current financials. Gather these first and then complete your own Orbit Map. The sample will provide you with the guidance on how to do this.

Once, you have completed your Orbit Map; I welcome your feedback. Please fill the form below where you can message me and tell me about your own experiences of completing an Orbit Map, and the pathway to scaling your business.