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The UK is certainly under siege from the ‘in or out’ campaigners, and that all important question we have to answer later this month is dominating the daily headlines. I would put money on the fact that while I write this article, another raft of TV debates are helping to fuel the confusion around this all important vote. Politicians, some with political agendas all of their own, are queueing up with their own words of wisdom around ‘in or out’, and the debate is set to reach hysteria levels over the coming weeks.

Some of you may be yawning with anticipation, and some may be very concerned about the financial implications on your businesses future. Either way, and seemingly like many of the so called wise vociferating their opinions every day, are we really any the wiser for this much talked about debate?

The ‘remain’ campaign is threatening financial suicide should we vote out, and the ‘Brexiters’ are saying it is time for the UK to take full control. Fear and optimism seem to be the two strategies, but neither of these fill most of us with any sense of assurance or confirmation. In reality, it\’s either better the devil we know (which some of us may not like) or take a chance on bigger and better things for the future.

The real concern for business of course is the financial implications, and normally when we require clarity around our finances we ask our company accountants for advice, so perhaps the most appropriate debate for us was recently held by the UK200 Group – the UK’s leading association for accountants and law firms.

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