What an exciting opportunity and I cannot wait to get started!

My coaching career has taken me into all corners of commerce, working with a diverse and exciting portfolio of clients across many business sectors, all looking to move their businesses onwards to greater success. Consequently I now feel I have been endorsed for my services and experience by an opportunity that I have been cultivating since the start of 2018 that has come to fruition.

Anyone that works with me will know I am extremely passionate about the business of coaching businesses. My exciting new appointment at CEME (Centre for Engineering and Mechanical Excellence) will see my coaching diversify into new areas but essentially following my coaching model which has helped many businesses continue to achieve high growth. As the newly appointed consultant at the innovative and creative CEME campus, I will be looking to support over 180 businesses across the world of technology and manufacturing.

This challenging role will put me in front of some very diverse and dynamic business models, some of which are inspiring leaders in the field of technology, design and manufacturing. I liken the CEME campus, www.ceme.co.uk, to our very own albeit smaller version of Silicon Valley. Although it is a smaller version of the US based desert location, CEME forms part of the network of technology and manufacturing campuses strategically placed around the UK. This type of business community is a collective of start-ups to established companies all making their base in this unique location and working collaboratively to create an inspirational environment that encourages learning and business growth. Businesses that locate into this type of culture tend to expand their operations quickly because you have many neighbours with the very same ambitions.

So, what is CEME?

Established in 2003 as part of a £400m regeneration programme in East London, the campus was charged with bringing prosperity and employment to the Thames Gateway area. To detail CEME’s success to date would be to impart some of the statistics that are clearly defined on the home page of their website www.ceme.co.uk. In the past 15 years or more the CEME campus has created over 3,000 jobs, carried out 500,000 training delegate days, incubated 400 businesses and held over 10,000 events. This is not your typical industrial park - CEME adopts the mentality of creating a support network and hub for innovation. A hidden gem in the world of business providing a haven for training, education through to manufacturing, engineering and technology with all of its resident businesses being supported on a 19-acre site in Rainham.

Something you would not necessarily experience in a normal business environment is how CEME actively encourages networking and collaboration within its community, providing a central hub at the campus that includes a café and communal/breakout area where residents can meet and communicate their ideas. CEME has tens of thousands of square feet of office space available, encouraging a real diversity of businesses to make the campus their home.

To accompany this innovative approach, the site itself dictates what a modern business environment should really look like. Super-fast internet access, data centre services, IT support, 24/7 security and perfectly caters for sustainability providing charging and refilling locations for electric and hybrid vehicles. This is all situated within the lush green areas that surround the campus buildings and offices.

There is most certainly far too much to cover in one article and would urge you to explore further by visiting the www.ceme.co.uk website. For me, this is the model for future development of business hubs and the initiative, ‘Gateway to Skills’, is extremely interesting, encouraging the next generation of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs by connecting CEME with local schools and colleges. To be a part of this and to provide my skills and expertise to support the residents of CEME is extremely humbling but also incredibly exciting.

What will I be doing?

My role starts this month and I will be based on the campus working with the business support team six days per month, initially. I will be responsible for exclusively providing a range of bespoke manufacturing coaching programmes which have been developed over the years with my portfolio of existing clients. These are 1-2-1 Coaching, Growth Accelerator and the Manufacturing Growth Programme. As an addition to these very successful programmes, I will also be delivering regular group taster sessions covering many aspects of business development and improvement

The methodology of the coaching I will provide is very much the same as I do for existing clients and will look at finances, infrastructure, staffing, operations, marketing and sales. Each client will benefit from the coaching structures I put into place whether that is through group taster sessions, where we cover everything from basic business principles through to the method of creating a comprehensive 12-month marketing plan.

At the other end of the scale, in my 1-2-1 Coaching and industry-specific, government-supported Manufacturing Growth Programme, I will be working very closely with the business owner and management team to look at individual businesses in more detail. This will include looking at the long-term goals through to a more in-depth and continuous study of the business’s historical performance and the improvements it can adopt. This would include the construction of a 3 year financial orbit plan, 12 month goals, quarterly 90-day development plans, bespoke financial training, identification and setting of KPI’s, reviewing and ‘stream-lining’ operations, conducting marketing gap analysis and market research, building business and marketing plans, creating and measuring sales performance platforms and establishing a unique set of bespoke tools for the business owners, which in turn will help them to monitor and grow their businesses exponentially.

The opportunity to work with CEME is most certainly very exciting and if you, as a reader of this article, decide to make this incredible business hub a location for your business, please feel free to drop in and talk about your future business plans.


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  1. That all sounds very exciting Stuart, good luck with your new venture!

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