Coaching Methods

What are the methods of a professional business coach?


Setting Goals

In business, you have to have a vision of where you want to be. Your vision should be geared around your personal goals, and what your business should achieve to realise those goals.


Creating Strategy

Every business needs a strategy. Creating growth requires careful planning, financial control, creative marketing and effective sales. All combine to provide a route map for your business.


Following through

A business coach is not just a mentor, they are also very often the only person who will continually encourage you to achieve. Let's be honest we all need encouragement and someone to tell us if we are procrastinating.

A business coach is there to work with you continually, and becomes an important part of your business plans. Many business success stories have a mentor in the form of a business coach behind the business leader!


Financial Analysis

Busy businesses mean busy people but monitoring your financial situation is paramount to financing growth and creating the success you desire for you, and your business, in the future.


Creating Innovation

Innovation, and sometimes diversification, can create huge opportunities for a business. A coach will help you to identify and analyse these opportunities.


Unofficial Partner

A business coach is a trainer in communication, a sounding board, a motivator, a co-designer, a trusted advisor who gives unconditional support.

What happens at the coach/owner meetings?

In the beginning, the meetings will focus on the coach getting to know you, learning your business strengths and weaknesses, and determining areas of untapped opportunity.

As a result of this information, you and your coach will determine an action plan to move forward. You will be assigned specific tasks to complete before the next week's meeting.

At each meeting you will discuss the prior week, determine how successful you were in carrying out your tasks, exchange ideas about upcoming projects and put in place the next action plan.

Is coaching the same as consulting?

They are very different. Consultants do not coach business owners. Consultants are typically someone who is a specialist in a specific area, and will help you make improvements.

A coach doesn't concentrate on a single area; they are generalists. Coaches look at all areas of the business and support you through a process. They evaluate, guide, motivate and help improve both you and your business.