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The reality of business coaching – from a client’s perspective

In my coaching profession, I am always fascinated by the surprising array of reasons business owners look for external help. Sometimes these decisions are based on mixed feelings or concerns about their business, other times a particular circumstance or situation in which they have found themselves. All are indeed challenging, for myself as a coach,…
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Is it a positive move to get rid of delinquent clients?

Winning that new client can be an absolute buzz but occasionally it can be a nightmare scenario waiting to happen. We all look to expand our businesses with the right kind of business acquisition, one that is going to be enjoyable, profitable and ultimately provide a positive impact inline with our growth plans. However, it…
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How much value can your team add to your bottom line?

As a coach I get to meet many business owners, but also talk to individuals about their experiences and working environments and how this affects their performance, desire and ambitions. One such case I came across recently sent a shiver down my spine, but really highlighted just how toxic situations can negatively impact on a…
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