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2020 – is the year to look at innovation and repurposing?

The adage of doing things the way you have always done them but somehow wanting better results is a common situation with many businesses. Very often, the outcome of this attitude minus the availability of a coherent business plan is a disappointing result. The exception to the rule is if you have a great business…
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Are you at full capacity, what more can you achieve?

Are you at full capacity, what more can you achieve? One of the initial operational strategies with a client is to establish the businesses current capacity and assess what it can achieve in its current guise. Building capacity isn't about merely asking the question, are you busy, or could you be busier? Because ultimately, that…
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What an exciting opportunity and I cannot wait to get started!

My coaching career has taken me into all corners of commerce, working with a diverse and exciting portfolio of clients across many business sectors, all looking to move their businesses onwards to greater success. Consequently I now feel I have been endorsed for my services and experience by an opportunity that I have been cultivating…
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