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Who and what are the people in your business?

When it comes to recruiting and developing your team, something that is regularly overlooked by business owners is the value that an individual can bring to the fold. It isn’t just about the skills required to carry out that role, it’s the potential that person has in part of the overall development of your business.…
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Positive emotions directly impact on your productivity and profitability

One of my recent articles focused on Emotional Intelligence and how individuals who score highly are most likely to achieve more and be successful in both their businesses and personal lives. Although my work with clients is focused on facts, figures, strategy, operations, marketing, sales and creating an efficient and meticulously detailed set of business…
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The reality of business coaching – from a client’s perspective

In my coaching profession, I am always fascinated by the surprising array of reasons business owners look for external help. Sometimes these decisions are based on mixed feelings or concerns about their business, other times a particular circumstance or situation in which they have found themselves. All are indeed challenging, for myself as a coach,…
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