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How would your staff rate your business?

One of the key performance indicators of a business is around the efficiency of staff, and their passion for the business. Passion is incredibly important, and empowering staff to be passionate about your business rather than just work for the salary is a task that shouldn’t be ignored.

Passionate staff who believe in your business and what you are trying to achieve work with blood, sweat and tears, and match your enthusiasm for the business. A decent salary is undoubtedly important, but is the other benefits you give to staff that build loyalty with you and the business.

This is a hot topic amongst CEOs and in the UK’s boardrooms, and to be honest it is about time the focus was on the team, and not just the profits of the company.

It is not about making sure your staff are happy, and happiness in isolation doesn’t necessary give the right outcome. If you want happy staff, then just pay them more, or give them more time off. Only a few things that make employees happy, result in real sustained or long-term benefit to the company. Without the other essential ingredients this could also lead to complacency.


So what is the formula for passionate, productive, and of course profitable staff?

Self fulfilment. It is the cause rather than the outcome which is of course a sense of happiness. An employee that is appreciated for their hard work, and inspired to do great things.

Essentially, we should earn our employees’ passionate advocacy for the company\’s mission and success, helping them to earn the passionate advocacy of customers and senior directors or management. Or to coin an old phrase, regular pats on the back for a job well done can make a huge difference to employees, and their passion for your business.


Training – Create highly skilled individuals

Employers can be indifferent to providing training to staff, and the old mentality of ‘I train them, and then they leave to find a job that pays more’ is always a fear of business owners. However, it is all about the approach or how you deal with your staff. Creating a continual sense of self-worth and continuous training, i.e., you are investing in them as people, is a positive eclectic mix to getting the very best out of your teams. They are highly valued, and highly skilled, and you have created that scenario through your own commitment and appreciation of their hard work. In turn, you create that passion and loyalty to you and your company\’s mission. They feel an integral part of the company\’s success, and like you will avoid failure with a conscious mentality around due diligence, and their own aspiration for self improvement.

The success of a business is geared around momentum and empowering the key components that make your business successful. Staff, systems, processes, customer relationship, quality of service/products, confidence in marketing, and a highly prolific sales teams are just a few of the important cogs to becoming a highly successful business. The starting point however, is making sure your staff are valued, passionate and ready to give the input, and help you to grow your business. A great place to start is introducing staff appraisals. This will open up lines of communication with your team, providing  you with the insight to make the necessary improvements for the benefit of them, and ultimately the business itself.

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