DISC profiling; what it means for you, your team and your business

DISC profiling may be something you are entirely familiar with if you work in human resources and recruitment. However, many business owners are not fully aware of the benefits of using this psychometric assessment to ascertain the working characteristics of the employees around them to maximise efficiencies and develop team dynamics. Completing the assessment enables…
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Three business essentials: CLARITY, confidence and conviction

I am often asked by clients and prospects what makes a successful business. In thirty-two years of being in business and the past seven helping and advising other business owners, those three words: clarity, confidence and conviction are the essential ingredients for achieving continuous growth and increased profitability. Without clarity, you cannot have absolute confidence…
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2020 – is the year to look at innovation and repurposing?

The adage of doing things the way you have always done them but somehow wanting better results is a common situation with many businesses. Very often, the outcome of this attitude minus the availability of a coherent business plan is a disappointing result. The exception to the rule is if you have a great business…
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