Stand Tall with Corporate Citizenship

Working with such a diverse array of clients provides me with a unique insight, not only into their businesses and market sectors, it also makes me aware of the opportunities that businesses can explore outside of the efficiencies and proactive methods of growth that we explore. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is certainly one these. Whether…
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Time – something you cannot afford to lose

Procrastination is something we all do at some point and of course natural for us to put off the difficult things and the least enjoyable. However, this activity,  accompanied with a lack of self-discipline in managing our time, can be costly to us and our businesses. Time management is an essential part of our role…
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How necessary is it to know your numbers?

‘Every so often I get feedback from my clients, in the way of testimonials, and this reveals many aspects of the work we have been doing together and how we are affecting the opportunities for the business. I always see coaching as a partnership with a common goal,and that is to create success by having…
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